This was another date that Kol met the lady, given that Earliest Battle away from Geonosis

While getting over new injury place because of the Sith magician Diviki, Kol carry out temporarily getting replaced for the Kamino by the an effective Togruta Jedi Padawan by the name of Aria Ortara-Montari. Today Kol was at the newest medical center that have (at that time) their wonders girlfreind, Ahsoka Tano, just who had been speaking with the his data recovery. Kol himself was amazed observe their dated buddy Competition away from Shili [ ]

Shortly after getting over their wounds, the newest Jedi Council obtained an unexpected content in the entire world off Shili. Kol was a student in a meeting with new council with the their previous missions, as well as on just how he had been impression, to which at the time might be if the content appeared inside the. A young Togrutan lady, who was simply a pal of Kol, when he went to Shili before the beginning of the Duplicate Battles. Kol noticed that the Droid Military got invaded the entire world, whilst seemed like a perfect place to establish a beneficial Separatist legs. Focusing on how immediate it absolutely was, and since he’d Togrutan friends, Kol contacted Ahsoka and you will Aria and you may advised these to reach the Council’s head office, and not make inquiries. Arriving at the newest Jedi Council, Kol advised his two Togruta family unit members to obtain their troopers able getting these were all of the going to Shili, having they had to help you totally free globally regarding Separatists handle. Aria expected Kol, on what the challenge try, however, he said he was not sure with the transmission is actually clipped away from, together with to track down there immediately, having a pal regarding their, are relying on the 3. The 3 Jedi ruling each of their soldiers on course towards the globe, but found brutal opposition in space. In addition to Head Fixz, Kol added his soldiers up against the droids in dimensions, attain Ahsoka and Aria to help you house towards planet. Suffering light casualties, the new purpose was successful, where Kol’s remaining troops of the 152nd Legion arrived towards the worldwide with the several almost every other squads led from the their one or two commanders. Obtaining safely, along with his survivors in dimensions, Kol, Ahsoka and you can Aria added their soldiers contrary to the droid armies stationed for the Shili. When you look at the quantity the newest droid military delivered multiple tanks hence gave trouble to your about three Jedi. Kol informed his several companions to help you go to the new eastern, while he looked after the fresh new clankers. Against their steps, Kol shouted angrily from the one or two and you may advised him or her it could function as the only way to help you totally free the world additionally the Togrutas. Paying attention, Ahsoka and you may Aria went off into the eastern, and you can discovered very few droids. Kol, using the Push, raised upwards multiple tanks and you will criticized them towards several droids ruining her or him. Putting on virtue, Kol and you will soldiers beaten the latest droids, even with bringing moderate loss. Kol, together with his left boys upcoming ran from to greatly help its one or two Jedi commanders.

Releasing the brand new prisoners and you will Skirmish in space [ ]

Assisting his several members of the family who were under heavier fire, the 3 Jedi managed to achieve the villages which have been stored

Aria ultimately felt Kol’s presence both in sides of one’s Push once more ahead of typing Kol’s room, that astonished the girl

attentive. Damaging the remaining droids, Kol, Ahsoka and Aria freed the brand new seized villagers. Regarding audience a young Togrutan lady emerged and went so you can hug Kol. Kol are glad to see he, for this was one of his true youngest family, who had been a great youngling. Kol expected their in the event that she try okay to wo which she responded one to she is actually. At that moment Kol recieved a message regarding General Grievous informing your servizio incontri video when the guy didn’t throw in the towel, he would unleash the fresh new frustration out of his army. And even though the latest droids was under the demand regarding a brilliant tactical droid, Kol didn’t want new Togrutas discover harm. Kol told Gieivous which he create unless the guy beated your from inside the an excellent duel, and if Kol claimed, this new droids was required to exit. Grievous extra that if he acquired, Kol, their clones with his loved ones have to quit. Kol recognized they and you can went from so you’re able to room so you’re able to confront the new Standard. Kol arrived inside the cruiser watercraft This new Hunter, in which the guy saw multiple dry clones. The moment the guy turned into Kol spotted the general. For every single ignited their blades